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Damn, my gun safe is damp!!!

All safes create condensation during the daily heating and cooling of your safe. DRY-ALL® is a great American made product. Whether you have a new gun safe or a used gun safe DRY-ALL® will benefit you.

DRY-ALL® will absorb the moisture your gun safe creates daily. DRY-ALL® will protect your weaponry from skin acids an moisture that will damage your valuable weapons, and collectables. Keep ammunition dry with DRY-ALL®. DRY-ALL® is an inexpensive and effective way to keep gun safes dry.

Because DRY-ALL® is reusable one jar can give you years of service. One jar maintains a 20 cubic foot area. DRY-ALL® lets you know when to reactivate it with an easy reactivation process. DRY-ALL® will save you time and money.

Whether you want to protect your guns, jewelry, home /office safe, or all of the above DRY-ALL® is the answer.
Step 1.
Remove all batteries from safe

Step 2.
Place jar in safe in desired area.
Step 3.
Open lid, do not remove sponge.

Step 4.
Close safe.
Step 5.
Once all bead has turned tan in color follow reactivation process .

Step 6.
After reactivation, repeat steps 2-4.
Dry-All is reusable.  When the blue beads turn white it is time to reactivate your Dry-All.  Follow reactivation directions on the product label.  Click to read directions.