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Drying a Wet Cell Phone Quickly Will Prevent Corrosion

One of the biggest concerns about getting your personal electronics wet is not drying them out fast enough or getting them completely dry. When the circuitry inside of a cell phone gets wet there are a few things that you need to do. First off you need to stop the electricity that is flowing through the wet cell phone. The second thing that you need to do when a cell phone gets wet is dry it out quickly and completely. Avoid corrosion and rust on your circuitry which can eventually lead to certain things on your phone no longer working or the cell phone failing completely.

In order to stop the electricity that is constantly flowing through your cell phone. You need to remove the battery as soon as possible after the item gets wet (or by turning the phone off if you have an iPhone). If you do not stop the flow of electricity and you end up pressing a button, you run the risk of causing the phone to short out. The same thing can happen if you try to plug in and charge a wet cell phone. That will cause permanent damage to the phone and it is incredibly dangerous.

The second step is to find a way to dry your wet phone quickly and effectively. There are several articles on the internet stating that rice is an effective method to dry a wet cell phone, but this is an untrue claim. Trying to dry out a wet cell phone with rice is ineffective because rice does not absorb moisture unless it has been heated to 156˚ Fahrenheit. The fastest most effective way to dry a wet cell phone is by placing it in something that absorbs moisture quickly. The Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit from DRY-ALL is a good example of this. The Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit is made with an absorbent that has been around for over 60 years. It is unlike anything else that you can find on the market. Once your wet cell phone is placed in this drying kit the moisture is sucked out of even the inner most circuitry. After leaving the wet phone in the wet cell phone kit for 48 hours the phone is completely dry and completely functional.

The reason for getting the phone 100% dry very quickly is so that you can avoid corrosion setting in. Corrosion is a process in which a solid, especially a metal, is eaten away and changed by a chemical action, for example oxidation of iron in the presence of water by an electrolytic process. Once corrosion sets in on the circuitry or connectors inside your cell phone the results can be disastrous. It is so important to use a professional product that is made to dry electronics rather than doing it yourself. Ensure that a wet cell phone is dried fast enough and completely enough to stop corrosion before it starts. Using rice is not effective and it will lead to corrosion occurring because the rice doesn’t actually remove the moisture in your wet cell phone. All that moisture dries slowly over time on its own. That is why we hear a number of “success” stories about using the rice solution. Stories where the phone “works” except the screen is black or the phone “works” but the numbers 4, 7, and 0 wont dial or the phone “worked” for a few days. Having your cell phone “working” but not fully functional is frustrating, but it is definitely not success in drying a wet cell phone.

Here are a few stories from a recent survey we conducted where people gave us an idea of what happened when they tried to dry their wet cell phone using rice.

  • I recently dropped my i-phone into a bath full of water, I dried it out in a lunch box of rice switches on but the camera and apps do not work. - G.Harper
  • On Friday, my husband and I were sitting on our couch and he was looking for his iPhone, when he realized at some point it had fallen off the arm of the couch and had fallen into his cup of Sprite. No idea how long it was in there, no idea how to fix it. We'd previously used rice to help to some extent with wet electronics but the phone just sits on the "restart apple icon" and won't fully turn on. - Abby G
  • My phone is already water damaged I have tried the rice trick but my speakers have gone out on me it is now very quite. - Joshua B
  • After just upgrading my daughter’s cell to a nice Smartphone with all the bells and whistles, she accidentally knocks it off the arm of the couch where it was sitting, right into a glass of iced tea! We tried drying it off, the old “put it in a box of rice” routine, but it was a goner. - Bill N
  • My iPhone fell in the toilet one day I placed it in rice for a few days but when I took it out and tried to turn it on it would not work at all. I went to the cell phone store and they told me it would be $250 to get a new one. After hearing how expensive it was I got the wet cell phone emergency kit to see if that would work. I placed my phone in the bag for two days and I could not believe it when my phone was working as good as new, I shouldn’t have wasted my time with rice. - Barbara
  • One time my phone got wet, so I put it in rice. The screen was clearer, but it was still broken. - Jessi
  • My cousin's phone fell into the water while we were at the beach. She left it in a rice bowl. But it was useless; she had to change the screen. - Meme
  • So I did the rice trick for 3 days and I’ve just turned it back on and the screen is working and the keys but instead of going onto my normal homepage it says blackberry platform and a list of things such as, calendar, apps. But when I try to click on them an error message comes up. How do I get it back to normal please? - Chantelle
  • My blackberry bold got wet the screen is 100% fine but the keyboard/trackball still doesn’t work (I put it in rice and everything, didn’t work). - Maya

Those stories show that drying a wet cell phone needs to be done properly in order to save the phone. When a wet cell phone is dried correctly you can save all of your precious pictures, favorite applications, important contacts, as well as your sanity. In order to save a wet cell phone properly, safely and effectively follow the steps that are mentioned in this article. Save your cell phone and avoid the hassle of getting a new phone.